Manny Pacquiao's Rodel Mayol Vs Edgar Sosa Replay Video

Rodel Mayol is the newly crowned WBC light flyweight champion after destroyed the long time reigning former WBC light flyweight champion Edgar Sosa. In the fight, Mayol won over Sosa in second round technical knock out and referee stopped the fight. As you have seen the Mayol Vs Sosa replay fight video, there is an unintentional headbutt between Mayol and Sosa's heads. But, according to the WBC's president Suliman that it is just an accidentally headbutt. In my opinion, I think that fight is pretty great if there is no headbutt incident and that is the caused of Sosa damaged and became weak after headbutt but sad to say Sosa is defeated by Mayol by TKO.

Do you know Rodel Mayol? Well, I only knew about him when I was reading some column that Rodel Mayol is one of the Manny Pacquiao's fighters. Manny Pacquiao bought the career contract of Mayol from his japaneses former manager Yasuo Matsuoka. Now, Manny Pacquiao handled the contract of Mayol. Manny Pacquiao plans to include Rodel Mayol in under card fights in his big fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr on March 13, 2010. Manny Pacquiao has trusted Mayol to be one of his descendant of his prime. Manny Pacquiao is ready to battle Floyd Mayweather Jr as many people want to see than fighting inside the ring. Let's see what happen in that day of big fight super fight of the century. More Pacquiao Vs Mayweather latest news. Stay tune!

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