Back To Business For Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather Super Fight!!!

Hello, everyone! Yes, I got a good news for you. You know why, I felt the way you are now and I also saw the sign. Yeah, I know Floyd Mayweather has won over Shane Mosley by unanimous decision. I know how boring is the fight done. They are not the fight you are looking for. Yes, I feel the sign and you are too. The super fight seems to be happen, Pacquiao vs Mayweather  the super fight will be the next boxing excitement.

Have you watched the Mayweather vs Mosley boring fight? Here's you can watch Mayweather vs Mosley replay video of boring fight. For now on, we will see if the Pacquiao vs Mayweather super fight happen this time. We are looking forward for this fight and we hope they won't let us down this time.

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